“学年开幕通常是每个人的快乐和令人兴奋的时刻,因为我们团聚,与朋友,教师,和同事重新连接。然而,今天,我们用悲伤和无奈写还没有结束的黑人男子更枪击案在最近几个星期:雅各布布莱克,射中基诺沙,威斯康星州在他的三个年幼的孩子面前; trayford PELLERIN,拉斐特,路易斯安那州一家便利店的外线投篮;朱利安·爱德华·罗斯福,在斯克里文县,佐治亚定期交通中止期间拍摄,请知道,每个。圣澳门亚洲体育,克拉克森大学,纽约州立大学州,纽约州立大学和波茨坦 - - 圣劳伦斯河谷的相关院校的支持我们的社会各界的黑色成员,在这里为您服务。

We mourn the tragic murders of Pellerin and Roosevelt, and pray for Blake’s recovery. As a community, we know that we have much work to do to change the systems that result in the tragic assaults and murders of our brothers and sisters. We have begun to do this work, through community forums, programs, trainings and workshops, open dialogue with student leaders and organizations, and through Diversity & Inclusion Strategic Action Plans. We are committed to making a difference, together.

We look ahead to the fall semester intent on furthering our work – not just on our own individual campuses – but in collaboration between the Associated Colleges of the St. Lawrence Valley and with our North Country communities.  We have been in dialogue this summer with local officials and law enforcement leadership, and the semester ahead will feature additional forums with campus constituents.  Several events are in the planning, including Black Solidarity Day and antiracism trainings.  We are also already beginning discussions on spring programs, including the annual Associated Colleges’ Diversity Equity & Inclusion Conference and events centered on Racial Justice.  All community members are invited to participate in this critical work throughout the year.