Students sitting down together for a meal 和 a discussion at several tables throughout Dana食堂.



Compassion 和 care are central to what we do. From offering 健康的 和 sustainable meal options to proactively addressing your dietary needs, we are proud of the service we provide at our dining center 和 campus eateries. Your dining experience should feel like a meal at your own kitchen table, 然后用新鲜的, 健康的, 每天都有令人兴奋的饭菜.

Students eating at Dana食堂


Our main dining hall, Dana, is open seven days a week from 7:30 a.m. 8:30 p.m. It’s the most convenient way for students to fuel up for their day. 澳门亚洲体育的温暖, friendly environment is perfect for enjoying meals with your friends or grabbing a quick bite to eat between classes. 

Meals are served buffet-style, with a made-to-order s和wich station also available. There’s also a salad bar stocked with fresh veggies, 水果, 和配料, 软的机器, 还有一个很受欢迎的麦片棒.  


除了Dana, 澳门亚洲体育提供定做的, 好就, 和 takeout-oriented meals at our other five campus eateries located across campus. Meal exchanges 和 dining dollars can be used at each of these locations as part of your meal plan.

Sullivan student Center interior


在学校里被称为“酒吧”,” the 北极星咖啡馆 opens early, stays open late 和 is located on the lower level of the Sullivan Student Center. The café offers a wide variety of made-to-order menu options like breakfast all day, 三明治和包装, 烤东西, 一个石头壁炉披萨站, 和更多的. The café also includes Jack’s Corner, which features a grocery experience, 和 a Sun Coffee Roasters coffee bar.



Located in the Newell Field House, this café is open on weekdays during lunch 和 is the perfect spot for a quick bite to eat. Menu items include made-to-order 三明治和包装, soup, snacks, 和 a variety of beverages.


Meadow in front of the Johnson Hall of Science


Classes 和 labs keep students busy, which is why the 抓去 is in the perfect location. Grab a lunchtime soup or s和wich special Monday through Friday.


Students eating at Spartacus Cafe


Named after a movie that Kirk Douglas, 1939级, 主演, 斯巴达克斯咖啡馆 is another daytime option during the week that offers green 和 grain bowls 和 noodle bowls, made to order through the Get App. This campus eatery also offers organic house brewed iced teas, bubble teas, 和 snacks.

斯巴达克斯咖啡馆 is also the dining space most frequently home to The Farm, a wildly popular pop-up 由café that features locally-sourced sustainably grown food.  



Located between Hulett 和 Jencks residences, 酒吧56 offers pub-style snacks in the evenings for students enjoying the latest comedian to visit campus or an open-mic night. There is also a bar for students 21 和 older to enjoy responsibly. 酒吧56 has limited hours but students, clubs, 和 organizations can reserve it for special events.

是什么让你在圣. 劳伦斯特殊


Students enjoy regular theme dinners, planned by our dining staff, including:

  • 加拿大的感恩节 
  • 阿迪朗达克(提供外!)
  • Cultural Celebrations (featuring cuisine from around the world)
  • 超级碗星期天

Fields outside of the 可持续性 Program campus


We work with local farms (including our own!) to continually provide you with nutritious, sustainable, 和 seasonal whole food options.



Nearly all of our baked goods-including our famous Pub 饼干 you get while touring campus-are homemade 和 crafted right on campus.




近年来, 每日餐 利基市场.com have recognized our dining options as some of the best among American colleges 和 universities.


One of several ways students are able to give feedback to our 餐饮服务 team—和 see changes!


This beloved campus tradition gives students the chance to submit their best family recipes for us to share with all of campus. (We’ll even name the meal after you, too!)



Enjoy a comforting meal with friends 和 eat your fill during our weekly Sunday brunch.



你的健康是澳门亚洲体育的首要任务. We test every recipe for nutritional value, prioritizing whole foods over processed, 和地道, organic products over artificial ones. You’ll be able to mix 和 match your favorite comfort foods with new, healthful options that keep you energized 和 feeling great!



欢迎来到农场, a 由café featuring locally-sourced sustainably grown food made possible through collaborative partnerships between our 可持续性 Program, 餐饮服务, 和 the business in the liberal arts academic program. Make sure you’re on their list of reservations!


Allergies 和 Dietary Restrictions

When it comes to serving students who have allergies, 饮食限制, 和食品的焦虑, 澳门亚洲体育的服务首屈一指. We meet with all students individually to underst和 their needs, 解决他们的问题, 和 create accessible solutions. 想测试一下? Contact 招生 prior to your campus visit, 和 we can work on a meal just for your needs.